In order to cater for market demands,Kraftsman Paint product offering are marketed under two main brands namely (a) an economy Trade range and (b) Kraftsman Painexclusive line that comprise of 8 product ranges with 37 products. All products are packaged in 1 liter and/or 5 liter and/or 20 liter format.

Trade Range:
Kraftsman Pain Trade Range consists of four products; Household PVA, Contractors PVA and Super Acrylic.

Craftsman Range:
This is our flagship range of pure Acrylic Emulsion paints, available in tint bases or standard colours. Products in the Craftsman range contains extraordinary high levels of emulsion content making these products the most durable in the industry:

  • Washable Silk
  • Royal Sheen
  • Royal Touch

Designer Range:
In this range we stock our premium enamels such as:

  • Gloss Enamel
  • Eggshell Enamel
  • QD Enamel
  • Universal Enamel

Products are available in tint bases as well as standard colours.

Decorator Range:
This appealing brand consist of Ceiling & Wall (an one coat application) and the robust all weather Texture Coat. Texture Coat is available in a fine or course texture finish, in tint bases as well as standard colours.

SmartRoof Range:
This is our range of Roof Coats, available in 8 standard oxide colours, extremely durable and formulated with the highest emulsion content in the industry:

  • RoofPro
  • RoofMate
  • Steel Coat.

FloorWise (floor paint) Range:
In this range we stock our premium Floor Paint in Alkyd resins, floor sealant as well as Epoxy and Urethane floor coatings. Also in this range is Paving Pro, a high quality water based paving paint, available in 8 standard oxide colours.

PrepCoat (preparation coats) Range:
This is our premier range of undercoats in water-base and solvent-base. In this range we have our durable Water Based Metal Primer, QD Red Oxide Primer, Plaster Primer, Fibre Seal, Flex Sealer, Damp Sealer, Universal Undercoat and Bonding Liquid.

SealGuard Range:
In this range we stock our various wood care products and Varnishes:

  • Waterbased Varnish
  • Woodok 300
  • Urethane Varnish
  • Exterior Varnish

Specialized Products

  • Alumin Pro (Aluminium Paint)
  • Bitumen Aluminium Paint
  • Road Marking Paint